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"Big Irish" Jay Hollingsworth is a stand-up comedian, actor and writer. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Jay set out to the east coast and honed his craft on the stages of Boston, Massachusetts.


His "charmingly brutal" style has earned him first place in the March Comedy Madness Competition, The Best of Boston and he was a finalist in the Bay Area Black Comedy Competition.


Jay's many appearances on All Def Digital as well as multiple stand-up clips, has garnered Jay over 100 million views across YouTube and all social media platforms. 


From his notable appearances on some of the country's top podcasts such as "About Last Night," Robert Kelly's "You Know What Dude," Greg Fitzsimmons "Fitzdog Radio" and Doug Benson's "Doug Loves Movies" and "Benson Interruption" - Jay has made his mark as a comic's comic.



RICHARD LEWIS: (Comedian, Actor & Author) – “He’s sensational. He’s great. This guy is going to be big. He’s already on his way. He’s a big star and he will be a big big bigger star.”


D.L. HUGHLEY: (Comedian, The Hughleys, The Kings of Comedy, CNN) – “Jay is funny, original & edgy.”


LOUIE ANDERSON: (Comedian, 2-time Emmy Award winner) – “Jay is a great joke writer.”


GARY GULLMAN: (Comedy Central, The Tonight Show) - "Ballsy and very, very funny."

CHRIS FRANJOLA: (Comedian, Writer & Roundtable Member on Chelsea Lately) – “Great Dude. The real deal."


GREG FITZSIMMONS: (Comedian, 4-time Emmy winner, television writer, producer, author & radio host ) – “Big Irish Jay is a massive 6’8″ ill-formed host of the Parlor Live. He’s a master of several martial arts and a good comedian. Solid guy, positive energy. I can’t imagine he has a lot of sex…”

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Every Wednesday, Jay Hollingsworth and Co-host Phil Fox or Kane Holloway interview guests while also bringing their thoughts and tangents on comedy, movies, race, sports and any other topics that enters their 'Worthless brains each week. 

Watch every Wednesday on YouTube or listen on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher or Soundcloud.

Ask A is a podcast where comedians KevOnStage and Big Irish Jay ask a unique guest questions that the average person would not usually have the opportunity to ask them. It's a show to Grow, Learn, Understand and Educate. That's the GLUE.

Guests have included a millionaire, former crack head, former meth head, a porn star, the real "Freeway" Rick Ross, a crip and a person in the witness protection program.



Jay Hollingsworth​


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